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How to Handle Grain Insects

Grain harvest is in full swing throughout out the country. Along with the tractors, combines, grain hauling trucks, comes the stored product insect pests. You may be asking, “What are stored product pests?” Well, those are the beetles, moths, and larva that infest grains and grain-based foods. Breakfast foods like cereal and oatmeal can be affected, as well as sugar, rice, flour and dry pet foods.

It’s best to keep these sealed in airtight containers to prevent these pantry pests from invading the whole cupboard. Some items like flour are fine to store in the freezer. this method will actually kill any eggs and larva that may be present. When you find pantry pests, it’s best to throw out the affected products, clean the cabinets with soap and water, and have a pest pro evaluate your circumstances.

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