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Pest control for small commercial properties is unique.  A professional pest management partner can apply individualized processes for each type of restaurant, hotel, office complex, school, or multi-family housing account. These facilities have specific criteria for mitigating pests on the property.

Horizon Pest Solutions can keep your service records available 24/7 with access to online reporting using U-Trapit Software. Digital access to Labels and SDS is available through this website.  


 In small commercial facilities, pests are a threat to food, health, and quality of life. Common pests include wasps, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, flies, and rodents. Pest evidence seen when serving food or interviewing a new tenant can damage a reputation. Horizon Pest Solutions is ready to help clients keep their customer base intact. 

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Sanitation in all accounts is important and maintaining kitchen and bath drains will  prevent some insect and fly infestations. Regular bio sanitation of drains will clean the sludge and remove the breeding habitat for fly and insect larva. Using bio cleaners can be done directly into the drain without having to close the facility. 

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Exclusion is one way small commercial properties can be kept safe and pest free. These techniques can include repairing door and window screens, sealing utility entry points, cleaning gutters and downspouts, keeping vegetation trimmed, and making sure water drains away from the building. There are many ways to exclude pests, and a proper inspection by a qualified pest management professional can help identify the areas of concern.

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Inside & Out

Getting exterior pesticide applications can help add value to your small commercial property by keeping outside insects OUT! The Sunset Program is designed to do just that, and it comes with a 120-day guarantee.

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