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Frequently Asked Questions
in Pest Control

1. Do I have to sign a contract? YES & NO. General nuisance pest services are considered 1-time visits unless stated at time of service. A pest management service non-agreement outlines terms, payments, and warranties. Treatments for ants, cockroaches, or mice will include follow ups. Specialty Services for mosquitoes or termites require separate agreements for the guarantee.

2. How often do I need pest control service? Most residential customers do well with preventative treatments every 6 months, but Tri-Annual service is recommended. Commercial clients often require more frequent services. Horizon Pest Solutions is happy to service your property anytime you have pest issues. It is advised that you pre-book your next appointment to ensure timely treatments.

 3. Do you have Eco-Friendly options available? Horizon Pest Solutions has botanical insecticides available for many general pest issues, including mosquitoes and garden pests. This type of treatment is completed more frequently due to the products being susceptible to environmental conditions. A new rodent repellent is available.

4. Do you charge for inspections? YES. There is a $75 charge for inspections without treatment. If any services are used within 30 days, a $75 credit will be applied to your invoice.

5. Are the products safe for my family and pets? YES. When insecticides are applied according to the label, those products pose minimal to no harm to people and pets. Birds, fish, and reptiles are more sensitive & Horizon Pest Solutions asks the customer to remove them until treatment is complete.

6. How fast can I see results from a treatment? Most treatments will start to work within 24 hours. You may see an increase in pest activity for a few days after treatment. This is a normal insect response to the pesticides being applied. Pest activity will continually decrease after 7-10 days.

7. Can you treat my property if I’m not home? With the property owner’s permission, a pest pro can treat the exterior only when customer are not home. Horizon Pest Solutions wants to great all customers at the time of service but understands that isn’t always possible. We ask that a new client be home on the 1st service so we can address all pest management issues.

8. Can you handle wildlife removal? YES & NO. Horizon Pest Solutions can trap & relocate only. We have a list of preferred wildlife management professionals we can contact for alternative methods.

9. Is there a warranty? YES. All services are warrantied for 30 days unless otherwise stated. If a covered pest returns within this time frame, Horizon Pest Solutions will come back & re-treat for FREE.


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Tracy K
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Very first question asked, "what are you seeing", I loved this question as I felt as if she was listening to me and what I needed. She asked questions and made suggestions. I would highly recommend this company. Not only friendly service, but a great value!
Edmond S
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Owner is passionate and knowledgeable! I would recommend this company if you are in need of pest services!
Anita L
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From my first phone call to make the appointment to the care and quality of the actual service, I was super impressed! I would definitely recommend using Horizon Pest Solutions.
Aleta F
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Very pleasant and professional. Would Reccomend to anyone needing pest services.
Sally B
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5 Stars!