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Severe Weather and Pest Issues

Rain! Hail! Tornadoes! Wind! Uuuggghhh!

Spring and summer are busy seasons for your favorite pest pro. This is when weather is most intense and when pest populations increase. Coincidence? Nope. Many insects overwinter in the soil and emerge when temperatures are favorable. This is why you will see a surge of ants, termites, June beetles, grasshoppers, and the dreaded garden pests like squash bugs and stink bugs.

Seasonal severe weather plays a part in pest control. When branches from a tree break due to high winds, the wind can scatter those insects hidden in the tree. If the tree was close to your home or commercial building, those pests could make their way into your living or working spaces. Pest want to live where they will be undisturbed. They don’t take vacations. They are always working to build their friends and family network.

Keeping trees and shrubs trimmed away from rooflines will lessen the chances of pests having a direct route to your home or other buildings. Wood boring beetles could be hiding in the trees and other vegetation, weakening the branches, and making storm damage more likely. Cleaning storm debris from gutters removes their safe habitat. Don’t give them a free pass. Sealing window and door frames is a form of exclusion and keeps pests from entering. This $10 fix with a tube of caulk can save on utility costs as well.

A licensed pest control company, like Horizon Pest Solutions, can help with inspections. Finding the conducive conditions, potential entry points, and proper treatment methods will reduce the chances for pests entering your domain.