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The Challenge

Pest control in large commercial and industrial properties can be challenging.  Fortunately, clients can have a professional resource in their pest management partner. Horizon Pest Solutions has programs to keep your business audit-ready with 24/7 access to online reporting using U-Trapit Software and digital access to Labels and SDS from this website.  


 In facilities like warehouses, food production, grain elevators, and other manufacturing industries, pests have an array of places to hide. Those cracks and crevices can harbor ants, cockroaches, stored product pests, spiders, and their larva. Pest evidence on incoming and outgoing shipments can damage a reputation. By utilizing monitoring devices and techniques, Horizon Pest Solutions is ready to help prevent insect activity and save your brand reputation.

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Nowhere to Hide

Sanitation plays a key role in helping to prevent some insect infestations. A broom and dustpan are inexpensive tools that can remove the pests you can see. When allowed, using compressed air can give you extended reach to clean near the ceiling.

Cardboard boxes should be removed periodically as these provide additional shelter for a variety of pests. Spiders especially like boxes.

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Keep Bugs Out!

Exclusion is just one way to help keep commercial products safe and pest free. These techniques can include repairing door sweeps and window screens, sealing utility entry points, cleaning gutters and downspouts, and making sure water drainage goes away from the building. 

There are many ways to exclude pests, and a proper inspection by a qualified pest management professional can help identify the areas of concern.

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Eek! A Mouse!

 Mice and rats are a big threat to industrial accounts. When they come inside, they can  cause damage to vehicles, forklifts, equipment, and even the building itself.  Their feces are unsightly and unsanitary. It is best to keep rodents out, and rodent bait stations placed strategically at the exterior perimeter can reduce rodent pressure to the facility. 

Horizon Pest Solutions is experienced in proper placement of rodent equipment at audited accounts.

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"Keeping your facility safe and mitigated from pests is the top priority.

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