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Pest Control Done Safely =Value

Getting value in pest management isn’t just about the cost paid. It is knowing that your pest professional is doing what is fair and right when treating your property and communicating the process to you, the customer. Some of that value comes from being able to work safely, and it doesn’t have to be complicated for the PCO or the customer.

Pest pros use personal protective equipment such as gloves, respirators, hardhats, safety shoes, glasses, and proper clothing to keep harm at bay. Clients can play their part in keeping their pest pro safe. Making sure your property is free from trip, slip, and fall hazards is always appreciated. It will make the pest service easier to manage and reduce injury to the pest control technician, the client’s family, reduce the chance of damage to pest control equipment, reduce the chance of pesticide interactions with pets.

The value in pest management is to keep families, pets, the food supply, and the environment safe and healthy. Protecting life, health, and property is the main focus for pest professionals. Finding a pest management company to help is easy. If it’s not Horizon Pest Solutions, we can refer to someone who better fits your needs.

For more value, subscribe to www.pestcontrolchatter.blog, a site by Horizon Pest Solutions owner Melisa Arnold, who discusses pest control safety topics.