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Are You Subscribing to Better Pest Control?

I love subscriptions! In fact, I have many: Reader’s Digest, AARP, Sam’s Club, cable tv, internet service, and several pest management industry publications. My pest management certifications and licensing are technically a subscription, too. If I don’t pay for renewals, I cannot do business.

Many of my pest management colleagues have adopted a subscription-based billing method: the customer submits a minimum monthly payment in exchange for pest services. The caveat is that services are only completed 3-4 times per year. The premise for this is that the customer’s next service is paid in advance of the service, and it fits into a household budget better. There are rarely free callbacks when insects or other pests return before the next service, and it’s at the pest management company’s discretion whether or not to charge a fee.

After speaking with pest industry friends, some say this is the way of the future, as this type of subscription billing helps maintain business cash flow. If a customer skips a service, the company still gets paid. No one is in business to lose money, but we as pest pros need to be fair to our clients. One example I found has clients being auto billed $40/month and receiving 4 services per year. That’s $480 annually!

Horizon Pest Solutions doesn’t make clients sign a contract, well, not exactly. There is a pest control non-agreement that outlines services, how payments are to be made, what pests are covered, our warranty, and you call when you need something. Clients aren’t “locked in” for a specific time frame. What if I told you there was a better way? How about two pest services per year, on a pay-as-you-go basis, and reducing that pest control bill to half, YES: HALF!? And reduce the amount of product exposure to your family?

That’s how you know the difference between Horizon Pest Solutions and other companies. There are Pest free Solutions on the Horizon. You just have to look.