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Termites: The are naturally in nature

With Spring on its way, termites and ants are battling for dominance. Both insects are common as the weather warms up, and some people have trouble distinguishing between the two. It’s a great idea to capture a sample of the insect in question so a proper identification can be made. So, you don’t have to search online, here’s a graphic to help with identification.

Notice the differences in wings, waist, & antenna.

Some tips to reducing termite activity are moving wood piles away from your home, reducing moisture/standing water where feasible, and getting inspections done by a licensed/certified pest professional. If you transfer gardening or landscaping products from one location to another, it’s wise to inspect for any and all insect activity. Transferring insects out of their normal habitat could be detrimental to the new environment, as some insects can carry bacteria and diseases.

Any damages done by termites or any other pests, are not covered by your homeowner’s insurance. This is deemed a preventative occurrence. Treatment options are available in liquid or in-ground bait station. If you see activity, and you think may be termites, call, text, or email Horizon Pest Solutions for help. 785-914-3684 [email protected]