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New Year: Different Resolution

Why do we make the same resolutions and never stick to them? Maybe because it sounds like we are being proactive. We all want to accomplish something great! Am I right? Now is the time to get your residential or commercial property inspected for pest management related issues. This could be the best goal you accomplish in 2024.

Pest related damages aren’t typically covered by homeowner’s insurance. Those repair costs are payable by the property owner, and sometimes amount to thousands of dollars. A pest management inspection can give peace of mind for a minimal fee, usually less than $100. Quality inspections only take 1-2 hours and can locate pest harborages, entry points, areas where water may pool, other high moisture areas, or pests themselves.

When the inspection is complete, your pest pro will give you a written report indicating the deficiencies and help with making a plan to remedy any issues. Horizon Pest Solutions would love to be that partner. Solutions are in the name. Customer service is the claim to fame. Feel free to give Melisa a call, text, or email. 785-914-3684, [email protected]