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Still Locally Owned

I was notified that a national pest management company is claiming that they have purchased Horizon Pest Solutions, LLC. I assure you that I, Melisa Arnold, am still in full control of the business, all client lists, all invoicing, all equipment, and all other legalities pertaining to Horizon Pest Solutions, LLC.

I have been your trusted pest management partner since June 2020, and that will not change. I will continue to service your homes and businesses as I always have. I may eventually hire my first employee, but there are no plans to sell the company: not now, not in a year, not in a decade. There are several mergers and acquisitions happening in the pest industry, but Horizon Pest Solutions, LLC is not involved in those.

For my clients: Your business and trust in my services is greatly appreciated. Without your support, I could not continue to serve you. I love the pest control industry and it’s one of the few jobs I’ve had that doesn’t make me want to sleep in. If you are approached by someone claiming to be the new owners, please contact me. Phone: 785-914-3684. Email: [email protected]. Or use the contact button on this site.

Melisa Arnold, Associate Certified Entomologist: Owner/Operator of Horizon Pest Solutions