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Fall Invaders

Rodent and insect issues tend to be different between seasons. Boxelder bugs, Asian ladybeetles, spiders, and mice are the most common pests encountered in fall and winter. Those creepy crawly lurking nuisances want to be in your home where you’ve got the heat turned up and the food prep starting for the holidays. We’ve all seen this behavior. I tend to liken this to a grumbly teenager scouring the kitchen. They are in the way, mostly harmless, and will find their way into your home to live and breathe. While these pests, especially mice, can transmit bacteria, they can be an unsightly addition to your dinner party.

Sometimes, simple sanitation is all it takes to rid your home of pests. A broom and dustpan are cheap, and those tools will aid in removal of spiderwebs, dust, and other debris that pest use as shelter. A soap and water solution will remove the pest pheromones after you clean. This will let the next brigade know that spot isn’t safe.

Exclusion, a sealing method, can help prevent pests form taking up residence in your home in the first place. A five-dollar tube of caulk will go a long way in preventing pest from coming into your home. Sealing door and window frames will also save you money on heating costs. Making sure your attic vents have screening will keep out birds and some flies.

Just like humans, insects and other pest need food, water, and shelter. Removing one or more of these life-giving necessities will greatly reduce the pest’s chance of survival.