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Fall Invaders

Rodent and insect issues tend to be different between seasons. Boxelder bugs, Asian ladybeetles, spiders, and

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School & Pests

By now, it’s likely that your student is back in school, and that includes me. We’ve all seen those back to school first day pictures: how exciting.

We think about pest control service for our homes and businesses but working behind the scenes of educational facilities is that same pest control service provider. Have you ever considered that school districts must have a program in place to handle the pest issues? This service is very stringent on the criteria that must be in place for school pest control. The chemical manufacturers have wording on their labels that prohibit some products from being used in any school setting. Just as that is, there are also restrictions on when and how products can be applied.

As a pest control service provider in many different settings, it’s the responsibility of Horizon Pest Solutions, LLC to make sure the right products, at the right time, in the right place get applied correctly. Here’s to a great school year!