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Commercially Sound

Does your facility have commercial quality, or is it “photoshopped” to look like a television commercial?

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Spiders Stay Around Past Halloween

Now that Halloween is over, we are starting to think about the winter holidays. Thanksgiving turkeys and pumpkin pie are on my mind. A close second is the plastic Christmas tree and the stockings. As I unpack the holiday decorations, I think about what might be lurking in those boxes.

The fun memories from a year ago have collected more than dust. Mice, Asian ladybeetles, boxelder bugs, and spiders have made their homes in those storage spaces. No need to panic. Dust off the lids, and carefully look in the boxes for signs of webbing or rodent droppings. Any of the aforementioned pests that hang out with the holiday decorations are more of a nuisance than harm.

If you are concerned about them, call me for solutions. If you want to prevent next year’s invasion, there are some simple things you can do to keep crawling and flying pest out of your home:

Reseal the window frames, repair window and door screens, check the main door seals on bottom and sides, clean the gutters, repair soffits, make sure the crawlspace access panel is secure, and vacuum. These basic exclusion measures can make a difference in utility bills, too.