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Secrets to Mosquito Management

Chemical treatment can be a useful tool for mosquito control. We will never full eradicate mosquitoes, but best practice management can be done by the pest control company and the client. As with any pest service, mosquito management has to be a partnership. Working together, Horizon Pest Solutions and the customer, your backyard activities will be less annoying: family excluded.

For treatment of choice, Horizon Pest Solutions uses a botanical product called Stop The Bites. It has been very effective in this north central Kansas region. Clients appreciate it being an EPA 25b exempt product. When applied to vegetation and the resting places mosquitoes love to hide, treatment can last up to 5 weeks. Traditional insecticides and container type treatments approved for mosquitoes are also available.

Chemical treatments can only do so much. Removing standing water around your property is key. Clients can help by changing water in the birdbath frequently, removing trash and debris that collects rainwater, drilling holes in the bottom of a tire swing, or adding mosquito dunks to trees holes and low spots in the yard. Items as small as a bottle cap will hold enough water to breed mosquitoes. Keeping gutters clean will not only reduce mosquito breeding habitat, but this practice will lessen the risk of stinging insects like wasps and bees.

As always, Horizon Pest Solutions is here to help. Call for your mosquito assessment and treatment.