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What Are Those Moths?

How annoying to have all those miller moths flying in your face! The struggle is real. Army cutworm moths are in great number right now. They emerge in spring, and this year is especially bad. There is a 10-year cycle for the drought-based emergence of these moths. A female moth can lay 1000 eggs or more per season. The caterpillars will feed until it gets cold, then burrow underground, feed, and pupate when weather permits. Insects are more active when the weather is warmer.

They are attracted to light and any open door will give them access to your home. It’s best to keep outside light turned off when applicable. Keeping doors and window screen tight fitting will lessen the chance the moths will enter your home. Moths feed on flower nectar and don’t cause vegetation damage. These moths are more of a nuisance and will be gone in a few weeks.

Insecticide treatments can help with the larval stage and applications similar to mosquito services can help with some of the moth populations. Horizon Pest Solutions can provide assistance if you cannot wait for them to return to the Rocky Mountains and become grizzly bear food.